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Create a personal book database with ease.
Automatic book data and cover art. Just enter ISBNs or scan barcodes.'s leading lady Sytske Hermans and her collectionBook Collector for Windows, Mac OS X, iPhone and online

  • Create a personal book database on your PC or Mac
    Just scan ISBN barcodes, or enter author & title to auto-download book details & cover art.
    Catalog files, view stats, print lists, manage loans, export data to XML/CSV, and more...
  • Check your book database and wish list on your iPhone, iPad or Android device.
    Export your book list from Book Collector to the CLZ Books mobile viewer app.
  • Publish your book list online and share it with friends
    Upload your list to Book Collector Connect and email your public web-link.

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Try Book Collector Free

Download your free trial edition. Available for Windows and Mac OS X.

Cataloging books by title or ISBN barcode Barcode Scanners
  • No need to enter book details manually, no need to scan cover images.
  • Just enter the author & title or scan the ISBN barcode.
  • Book Collector will download all book data, including author, title, publisher, publication date, cover art, etc...
Add Books to your book database Automatically

Need a barcode scanner?
Then check out our CLZ Barry scanner app for iOS and Android.

  • Scan barcodes using the built-in camera of your phone or tablet.
  • Instantly transmit scanned barcodes to your desktop computer (Windows or Mac).
  • Or: scan barcodes while offline, then send them all to your PC or Mac in one go.

CLZ Barry is available for Android and iOS (iPhone/iPad) for US $7.99.
For more information : check out the CLZ Barry website.

Mobile barcode reader app

About the central online book database:

The online book database is the source of all your book information and cover art..
You can search this database by Author and Title or by ISBN, from any edition (Standard, Pro or Connect).
The online database will instantly provide the following information:
Book Collector supports ISBN barcodes
  • ISBN, Author and Title
  • Publisher data and Publication Date
  • Format, Genres, Subjects, Nr of Pages & LoC Classification
  • Cover Images
  • Plot summaries and a lot more

No manual data entry. No need to scan your own cover images.

Cataloging eBook and audio book files by scanning folders

  • Scan your folders for digital audios books or eBooks.
  • Add the found files to your book database in batch, using either the file name or folder name as the book title, with the book files automatically added under Links.
  • Then use Update Books Automatically to download book information (like author, title, genre & cover image) from the online database.
  • Or, link the found books to existing entries in your database.
  • Use the Play/Open button in the Details View, or Play/Open button on the toolbar, to start the audio book or eBook in your favorite software.

Cataloging your Book Files with Book Collector

CLZ Books mobile app : Check your list while on the road

Available for iPhone / iPod touch, iPad and Android for US $0.00

  • Use CLZ Books to check your book database and wish list on your mobile device
    Just export the data and images from the Windows or Mac edition (Standard or Pro)
  • Browse your books with full data and images
    No need to be online, all data is stored on your device for fast browsing
  • Currently available for iPhone / iPod touch, iPad and Android
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CLZ Books for iPhone, iPad and Android

Book Collector Connect : Share your book database online

Subscription: US $30.00 per year

  • Publish your book database online on servers
    Access your book inventory from any online computer or mobile device.
  • Share your book collection list with friends and family
    Just email them the link to your public collection on the Connect website.
  • Connect is a fully stand-alone book organizer tool
    Connect is a cool add-on to the Book Collector Pro desktop edition, but it can also be used on its own, as a super-easy online book cataloging tool.
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Book Collector Connect  Book Collector Connect

Other collection database programs:

Try Book Collector Free

Download your free trial edition.
Available for Windows and Mac OS X.

Current versions:

Windows for Windows:
15.3.5 (Aug 13, 2015)

Mac OS X for Mac OS X:
15.3.4 (Aug 13, 2015) Customers
about Book Collector :

I enjoy it immensely

"I can tell that a TON of very careful thought went into the latest design of your database. I particularly like your changeover to the subscription system and constant updates. Your updates are much easier to implement than other updates of software that I have experience with.
The CLZ Cloud is awesome as a backup to a loss of the database resident on the computer - a serious problem that does happen to some. I enjoy it immensely - especially when I can use all the bells and whistles available. The iPhone app is super too, cause I have
my collection with me at all times to check on. Finally, the CLZ Barry app is killer."
John S. Roberge

Important organizing factor

"Your product is sufficiently flexible that I was able to set up one database for professional journal articles and the other for books. I am a college professor, and your software has become an important organizing factor in my research."
Kenneth Curry

Book Collector is brilliant

"I think the Book Collector is brilliant. I looked at four other programmes, what decided my purchase besides the amount of detail for each book is your having your own database of books. "
David Greenhalgh

Very impressed

"From day one, I was very impressed with your program.
Out of curiosity, one of the first books I put into the database was a leather bound French book from 1836. It took no time for the results to come back with the right publisher and other details.

Wow! I was sold on your product."

Liliane Fortna

Simple to use

"Thank you for your software! It is simple to use with a pleasant interface while being functionally detailed. Soon when I have entered more titles and our database reaches a critical size, we will download a few iphone apps so my parents can view what they have while traveling.
The app capability made the difference in us choosing your software. Already a friend of my parents has asked me to catalog their books for them when I complete our library.
No doubt, I will use another license of your software to do that. "

I am amazed!

"I am amazed! No matter what I need to do to enter old or new books in my library into Book Collector, your program has a way to do it. I am so impressed.
When I complete this project, I shall surely purchase Music Collector for my A/V and sheet music collection.
Thank you for easy-to-use, intuitive software. Your online searchable manuals are excellent."
Warren Rubin

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